The Village Drunk

Lou Bustamante is a spirits professional who has filled a considerable number of roles within the industry: working at a distillery, recipe & product development, bartending, teaching cocktail classes, whiskey label design, and importing 20 tons of whole cooked agave piñas from Tequila, Mexico.


It may sound like a heartwarming tale of a boy and a bar, but Lou actually spends significantly more time hitting the books than the bottle.


He’s currently writing about spirits and cocktails, while expanding his knowledge of fine food and drink in the San Francisco Bay Area.



He also authored a new book, The Complete Cocktail Manual, available now!


The book wraps up the collective wisdom of the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG) network of professionals from 70 cities across the US. The trade organization allows less experienced members to grow, and more experienced members to mentor—and together elevate not only the quality of the cocktail, but also the profession as a whole. It is this insight and passion that will make you a better bartender at home.


Hopefully, with a few tips from this book and a little further understanding of the magic of the cocktail, you’ll discover a new drink, experiment with adaptations, and maybe even find that your favorite bar (and that of all your friends) is the one you have at home.